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Richard Paul Barneby

 Richard Paul

Person details

Forename(s) Richard Paul
Surname Barneby
Rank Captain
Regiment King's Shropshire Light Infantry
Age 28
Death Killed in action
Place of Death Western Europe > France > Normandy
Date of Death 01/07/1944
Year of Entry 1929
House Letter A
School Notes
Comments Father of MP Barneby (A Social 1953)

War Memorial Fund (1943) Ctte minutes 29.5.1946: 'Applications on behalf of thirteen boys were considered. Twelve of the candidates were sons of ORs who had been killed in the war and one a nephew - [due] 1952 Barneby, MP, 11th birthday 29 March 1950.'
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Link
Unit 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment
Military Decorations -
Album Number 21
Battle Odon [Operation Epsom]
Previous Regiment -
Burial or Cemetery France > Secqueville-en-Bessin, Normandy
Archives Correspondence file in OR files in Radley Archives
Post School Estate Agent; Land Agent; Married
Prep School
Prisoner of War
Radlein Obituary November 19 1944. Killed in action in France, in July 1944, Richard Paul Barneby (Macpherson's, A, 1929-32), Capt., Hereford R. (T). Paul Barneby was at Radley in Macpherson's Social from the summer term of 1929 until Christmas 1932. He was not the type of boy who was able to get much out of the classroom side of life finding all his work difficult and irksome, but it was always to his credit that he remained cheerful and friendly in spite of the many problems which arose. He showed that he possessed the spirit of adventure and independence and he certainly got his full share of enjoyment of life 'out of school', and without being a great athlete he took a vigorous part in all games and was always giving of his best. Coupled with his high spirits there was a sincere love of the school and he often visited Radley in the years immediately after he left. In any really serious situation he could be relied upon to pull his weight and he decided early in 1934 to prepare himself for any emergency that might arise by joining the Territorial Army, and such a life would provide the best opportunities for putting into practice his vigorous qualities. Paul would have wished for nothing better than to serve his country as a fighting man; he would ungrudgingly give all that he had got, which indeed he did, and our sympathy goes out to his wide whom he married in 1938.
Service Number 63916
Place of Birth