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The warden is the title given to the head teacher of Radley College.

1847-1851  Robert Corbet Singleton

1851-1852  William Bredon Heathcote

1853-1861  William Sewell

1861-1866  Richard Norman

1866-1870  William Wood

1871-1879  Charles Martin

1880-1888  Robert Wilson

1889-1896  Henry Thompson

1897-1913  Thomas Field

1913-1918  Edward Gordon Selwyn

1918-1924  Adam Fox

1925-1937  W. Harold Ferguson

1937-1954  John Vaughan Wilkes

1954-1968  Wyndham Milligan

1968-1991  Dennis Silk

1991-2000  Richard Morgan

2000-2014  Angus McPhail

2014-         John Moule


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